LWML Mission of the Month – March,2018

Your Mite Box located in the rear of our Sanctuary collects your loose change to support many Missions, some close to home and others around the world. This month we would like to share with you:

“Christian Hope Through Mass Media in Egypt” – countless refugees in the Middle East are trying to survive in camps without adequate human needs.  They live desperate lives.   This grant will provide funds to the Lutheran Hour Ministries, allowing them to provide new Christian television broadcasts from Cairo, Egypt.  The Egyptian-dialect is widely known in this war torn area and will reach many with the saving gospel message to provide hope for them.  Thank you for your donations!     Your Lutheran Woman’s Missionary League


All ladies are welcome to grab a copy of the Lutheran Women’s Quarterly

available on the table in narthex!

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Next Gathering will be April 19, 2018 at 6:30pm

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Please save your cancelled stamps ~ Save your stamps that have their perforations intact, are not too heavily cancelled, and are not torn, cut or stained.  Leave at least ¼ inch on each side of the stamp when cutting it from the envelope or postcard.  Or, save the whole envelope or postcard to turn in.  Stamps may be placed in office secretary’s box, or given to Teresa Bohannon, our contact person for stamp collection.