A Word from Pastor Dave

For March, 2018


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

             Well here you have it, another gorgeous day in southeast Michigan. And who says that winters in this state are unbelievable. I guess 50 degrees and sunshine at the end of February is pretty unbelievable.

We are just finishing up the second month of the New Year and also the second week of the Lenten season. As we move forward into March we will be continuing our Lenten Midweek series “Our Suffering Savior”. This series is centered on the foreshadowing prophecy of the passion of Jesus Christ, as it is described in the book of Isaiah Chapter 53. What an amazing depiction this prophecy is concerning the suffering our Savior endured, as He made His   journey to the cross, to give His life as the full payment for the sins of mankind. What is mindboggling is the fact that Isaiah wrote this account 700 years before it actually happened. One might question how a message such as this one, found in Isaiah, could be so accurate and graphic about an event well into the future? If the plan of Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection was something which God Himself had put into place clear back in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned, He would definitely know what the future held. And because He did know the events of the future He was able to convey the upcoming story through the prophets of the Old Testament.

Now that we are immersed in the Lenten season of the Church Year what are we to look forward to as the month unfolds? Certainly, I am encouraging all of you to set aside the next 3 Wednesday evenings so you can be with us for the Midweek meals and services. What a wonderful time this is to enjoy great food, fellowship, and faith-filled worship with fellow  Christian brothers and sisters. On March 25th we will begin Holy Week with a Palm Sunday service. Then on the 29th, Maundy Thursday, at 7:00 pm, we will be in the Lord’s house to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in     remembrance of the night Jesus gave us this precious meal of His body and blood. The next day, on Good Friday, we will once again have our cross walk from 2:00-3:00 pm in Britton. This is a very meaningful and moving experience to be a part of. That very evening, here at Emmanuel, we will celebrate our Tenebrae service (service of darkness) as we reflect on the brutal   persecution, crucifixion, and death of our Lord and Savior. The following Sunday, which leads us into April, we will be back at church for the 7:00 am Easter Sunrise service, Easter breakfast, and 10:30 service. These services will have special music provided to help enhance our worship experience as we   celebrate Christ’s glorious resurrection and victory over death. I pray that each of you will make plans to be with us for these special services and activities.

The last point I want to make in this March article is one of thanksgiving. Recently, as a congregation, we have experienced a couple of setbacks. One setback was the loss of our kitchen’s commercial grade refrigerator. The other stemmed from the need for a new copier for our church’s office. Because of the use of memorial funds and the wonderful generosity of a number of our members we were able to buy a new refrigerator and also purchase a very good used copier.

Also, on Sunday, February 25th, our congregation was presented with the opportunity to help a family in our community, who was experiencing an emergency situation. At the end of the service a collection was taken up and we were able to raise $242 worth of assistance. Those gifts were used to directly  impact and avert the crisis that was at hand for this family.

What a blessing all of these monies were to our congregation, to this family, and to the ministry we are doing in Jesus’ name. Thank you for opening your hearts and your finances to addressing these immediate concerns. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!!!!


God bless,

Pastor McCarty