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Illness:  Liz Harris, Lennie Day, Arthur (Bud) Butler, Melvin Scheffler, Laura Anderson and Darlene Clark (daughters of Darlene Gergely), Charles Williams (son-in-law of Helen Schmidt), Jerry Williams (grandson of Helen Schmidt), Jeff Peterson (friend of Sue Ellen Smith), Savannah Heiden (granddaughter of Les & Nancy Northrup), Margaret Schroeder, Rev. Mark Smith (Dixie Smith’s son), Floyd & Shirley Brown, Dee Hitzemann (aunts & uncles of JoAnn Bartush),  Mary Mature (friend of Lolly Luegge), Nancy Fraley & Judy Crittenden (sisters of Wayne Davis), Keith Siebarth, Shelley Jeffrey (niece of Eleanor Price), Judy Myers (friend of Lolly Luegge), Roger Stamm (father of Sue Ellen Smith's principal),  Eileen Jones, Harold Ruhl (Lolly Luegge's sister-in-law's father), Carolyn Reitz, Kenny Perrella (brother-in-law of Tim Bowen & Donna Olsen), JoAnn Bartush, Ed Schmidt

Shut-Ins:   Velma Brown, Inge Williams, Ed & Lois Schmidt, Lennie Day, and Dorothy Helm.